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Analysis of technical characteristics of PV solar simulator

Author: Source: Posted On: 2019/6/13 13:58:35

The Solar Spectral Uniform Light Source System is commonly used as a PV solar simulator to generate a uniform radiation field for nearly 100% diffuse reflectance source or to generate a light source standard that conforms to ASTM Standard D56 spectral curves. The system can generate a light source with a correlated color temperature ranging from 2800K to 5900K, which is a mixture of the tungsten lamp in the integrating sphere and the xenon lamp with the diaphragm. The light output of each source is individually controlled to form a controllable output spectral shape.

The PV solar simulator uses high-power, long-life imported pulse xenon lamp as the simulator light source, and imports ultra-high-precision four-channel synchronous data acquisition card for test data acquisition. The professional ultra-linear electronic load guarantees accurate test results. It is suitable for solar photovoltaic module manufacturers to use as a test for solar cell modules.

PV solar simulator technical features:

1. Constant light intensity, ensure constant light intensity in the test interval, and ensure the test data is true and reliable. The flash pulse width is continuously adjustable from 0 to 100 ms, and the step is 1 ms, which is suitable for different cell measurement.

2, digital control to ensure test accuracy; hardware parameters programmable control, simplify equipment debugging and maintenance.

3. Adopt 2M×4 high-speed synchronous acquisition card to restore the details of the test curve and accurately reflect the actual working condition of the tested battery.

4, using infrared temperature measurement, truly reflect the temperature change of the battery, and automatically complete the temperature compensation.

5. Automatic control, real-time detection of the working state of the battery chip and the main unit circuit in the whole test interval, and provide software/hardware protection to ensure reliable operation of the device.

6. Temperature, pressure and water level are displayed as standard.

7, dynamic constant temperature control system, fast response, small temperature fluctuations.

8. The key components of the refrigeration system, such as compressors and circulating fans, use imported brand-name products.

9. If the imported circulating pump is selected, the outlet pressure will reach 4bar or more.

10. Cooling power and circulating pump pressure can meet the cooling and constant temperature of small laboratory analytical instruments.


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