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Structural features and uses of the Environmental simulation chamber

Author: Source: Posted On: 2019/6/26 13:54:32

The Environmental simulation chamber adopts agricultural special agronomic lamp and metal halide lamp light source, and cooperates with the seedbed. The light source can be adjusted up and down. It can cultivate the whole growth cycle of high and low plants, and it is convenient and effective to use!


The Environmental simulation chamber can reasonably match the agronomic nano lamp and the metal halide lamp to achieve different light wavelength requirements of different crops or different researchers. The overhead light source climate chamber can control temperature, humidity, illuminance, CO2, etc., and can realize automatic irrigation, rain, wind and so on.


Mainly use cold light source, used in conjunction with the culture frame. The light source can be arbitrarily regulated, and the number and height of the culture layer can be freely determined according to the requirements of the crop and the researcher. The multi-layer function of the culture rack makes full use of the space, which makes the crop cultivation space shrink, which not only ensures the full use of the space, but also saves energy.


The environmental simulation room can be used to conduct the following studies:


1. Routine research
Conventional research open top box has a vent at the bottom of the box, and the research object is planted in the box. During the study, the concentration of the gas introduced is controlled according to the researcher's requirements to achieve gas multiplication research.


2, root research
The root research type open top box is tailored to the specificity of the researcher's research object. The bottom observation box is also provided with a root observation chamber at the bottom of the open top box. At the same time as the gas multiplication, the research room can be accessed by the researcher to observe the change of the root of the research object at any time.


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