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Detailed description of the thermal cycle test chamber structure and major systems

Author: Source: Posted On: 2019/7/5 14:06:33

The thermal cycle test chamber is mainly used in the photovoltaic industry and the solar industry. It is used to test photovoltaic modules, mainly monocrystalline silicon components, crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules for the ground, and thin film photovoltaic modules for the ground. The parameters and performance of the high-temperature, low-temperature, alternating damp heat or constant test temperature environment changes; or the parameters and performance after constant temperature change of the constant damp heat test.


Thermal cycle test chamber use and characteristics:
Mainly used in the solar photovoltaic industry to test photovoltaic modules. Temperature and humidity cycle tests are carried out on a series of photovoltaic products and raw materials such as crystalline silicon components and thin film photovoltaic modules.
It adopts imported programmable temperature and humidity controller, 7-inch color touch screen operation, Chinese liquid crystal display with 232 interface random gift operation software, and imported refrigeration compressor unit.
High-quality brushed stainless steel plate with high-quality cold-rolled steel plate and electrostatic powder coating on the surface.
The main electrical and refrigeration accessories are provided by well-known international brands.
A total of 5 sizes are available for purchase. Another: can be customized according to customer requirements of various non-standard experimental boxes
According to the IEC test procedure and time-consuming, it is recommended that the customer share one device for the thermal cycle and the wet freeze test, and the wet heat test alone.


1. The outer casing is made of high-precision A3 steel plate (t=1.2mm) CNC machine tool, and the surface is sprayed, smooth and beautiful;
2, insulation material: high-density glass fiber cotton, insulation thickness is 100mm;
3. Stirring system: long-axis fan motor, high-low temperature resistant stainless steel multi-wing impeller, intensity convection vertical diffusion cycle;


Heating system:
1. High-speed heating (3KW×3) electric heater using far-infrared nickel alloy;
2, high temperature completely independent system, does not affect low temperature test, high temperature test and damp heat;


Humidification system:
1. External boiler steam humidifier;
2. It has automatic water level compensation and water shortage alarm system;
3. Far-infrared stainless steel high-speed heating (0.75KW×4) electric heater;
4. Humidity control adopts P.I.D+S.S.R, system co-channel coordinated control.


Control System:
The temperature and humidity display control instrument adopts the imported large screen (5.7-inch LED liquid crystal display). The screen operation is simple, the program editing is easy, no key input is required, and the screen directly touches the option. Accuracy: 0.1 ° C (display range); resolution: ± 0.1 ° C;


Cooling System:
1. Compressor: fully enclosed Taikang or semi-closed German Copeland;
2. Refrigeration mode: double-machine cascade refrigeration; condensation mode: forced air cooling; or circulating water cooling
3. Refrigerant: R23; R404A
4. Dry filter, refrigerant flow window, repair valve, oil separator, solenoid valve and liquid storage tank adopt imported original parts;


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