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Analysis of the four advantages of Mechanical Load tester

Author: Source: Posted On: 2019/9/3 14:15:55

Mechanical load tester instrument features: This instrument has the characteristics of unattended. It can automatically save data in the event of power failure, and can automatically continue the experiment after the call. When real-time observation is required. Only need to open the computer within 1000 meters from the test site to get real-time observations, and can manually control the intervention through the computer at any time.

Mechanical Load Test Stand Uses:
Static and static load test of foundation pile, foundation, rock foundation and group pile
Static and static load test of foundation piles, anchor piles and anchors
Static load test of floor, bridge and hole bottom

The mechanical load tester adopts advanced wireless data acquisition and transmission technology to control the hydraulic system to automatically load, reload, automatically maintain the load, automatically determine the stability, automatically save the data, and automatically draw the QS, S-lgQ, S- of the pile static load test. The lgt curve can be used to alarm, save data, and resume test after the abnormality occurs in the test. The mechanical load tester will fundamentally change your test work environment, reduce labor intensity, and improve the accuracy and reliability of test data.

Mechanical load tester performance characteristics
1. Advanced wireless data transmission technology, no repeater, no control box, no data box, no data bus on site, data security is more guaranteed;
2. Change the existing host control modes of various types of static loaders, use wired connection and wireless connection to control, and provide standardized or customized test plan;
3, high degree of automation, automatic loading, dead load, automatic reading, automatic judgment, to achieve unattended function;
4. Provide reliable manual control function and real-time monitoring of various test alarm parameters to ensure normal and safe test;
5. Support any load, any hydraulic system and reaction method;
6, the data post-processing function is complete, the report printing is convenient, timely and beautiful;
7. When there is no AC power at the site, the external battery can continue to test.

Mechanical load tester product advantages:

First, easy to operate
1, will use the computer will use the ST3000 static load test system;
2, the operation command is simple and clear, the prompt language is simple and concise, and the touch screen operation is simple and convenient;
3. The test equipment connection is the same as the traditional method, and the field operators do not need to train again;
4, wireless connection, the site is simple, easy to handle emergencies;
5, the original hydraulic equipment does not need major changes, or even no changes, to maximize user savings;
6, home delivery, on-site training;

Second, the test methods are diverse
1. Not only provide test methods for various national standards, but also users can make test methods that meet their own requirements at any time according to their needs;
2. The combination of automatic test and manual real-time intervention to achieve reasonable and orderly operation of the entire test process;

Third, high security
1. The instrument automatically monitors, records, and alarms to improve the safety of the test;
2. The hydraulic equipment leaks oil or the load that provides the reaction force is insufficient, and the instrument automatically alarms;
3. The settlement exceeds the preset value and the instrument alarms;
4. The displacement sensor stroke exceeds the preset value, and the instrument automatically alarms;
5. accidental power outage at the scene, the data will not be lost, after the call, easily resume the test;
6. The tester is far away from the scene, up to 200 meters, and the personal safety is guaranteed;

Fourth, complete supervision function
1. The test data is transmitted back to the data processing center (user selection) by the ## time after the end of the test through the Internet;
2. The test data is transmitted to the server terminal of the quality inspection supervision station in real time through the GPRS cloud data server (user selection);
3. Provide GPS global positioning system (user optional);
4. Really record various data, time and conditions of field test;
5. Different test sites, managed in different categories;

Technical indicators
1, test host
The display adopts 8.4-inch high-brightness full-reflex color LCD module, which is still clear under the field strong light; the main control unit adopts instrument-specific industrial control computer, dual-core processor; dual independent electronic hard disk, automatic data backup, can store 5000 piles Test data, support USB backup; touch screen operation, simple and convenient.

2, data transmission
According to the scene environment, the wireless transmission distance of the transmitting antenna can reach 500 meters under visible state, and the wired transmission distance can reach 100 meters.

3, stress test
Pressure test channel: 1 channel (default standard oil pressure sensor, user-selectable force sensor);
Pressure test range: the load is related to the size of the jack and the number of parallel connections;
Pressure sensor range: 0MPa-70MPa, accuracy 0.5% Fs, resolution 0.1% Fs;
Force sensor range: different load values, matching different ranges, the load size depends on the force sensor range;

4, displacement test
Displacement test channel: 8 channels (user can choose to add 16 channels);
Displacement range: 0.00mm - 50.00mm (single), can be adjusted several times;
Accuracy: <0.1%, resolution: 0.01mm;

5, load control
Electric oil pump voltage: single phase 220V, three phase 380V;
Maximum power control: 7.5KVA

6, the ambient temperature
00C-400C allows continuous operation for a long time

7, the host power supply
DC 12V+5%, power ≦40VA

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