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How to choose the test conditions for the Humidity freeze test chamber?

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Humidity freeze test chamber is used for the storage, transportation and use of instruments, meters, electricians, electronic products, household appliances, automobile and motorcycle parts, chemical coatings, aerospace products and other related products in high temperature, low temperature and hot and humid environment. Sex. The test equipment is mainly used for environmental simulation test of the physical and other related characteristics of the product under high temperature, low temperature, damp heat and conditions according to the requirements of national standards or user-defined requirements. After the test, the product is judged by testing. Performance, whether it can still meet the predetermined requirements, in order to facilitate product design, improvement, identification and factory inspection.


Humidity freezing test chamber material and structure:
1. Laboratory structure: The built-in thermal insulation material is made of channel steel frame structure, and the indoor floor is covered with cold-rolled steel plate and aluminum anti-skid plate;
2, the outer box material: high-quality cold-rolled steel plate electrostatic spray;
3, the inner box material: SUB304 high quality stainless steel plate precision welding;
4. Insulation material: ultra-fine glass fiber cotton;


Humidity freezing test chamber test conditions:

The general principle for selecting test conditions is to select different test conditions for different test purposes.


If the purpose of the test is to prove that the reliability of the equipment is not lower than a specified value that is important from a safety point of view, the test conditions should be selected from the harshness of the equipment specification or the harshness that may be encountered in the field. Test conditions or location (for field trials).


"It is to prove that the reliability of the equipment is not lower than a certain value that is important from the safety point of view", which means that the reliability level of the equipment in the field is required according to the technical requirements of the equipment, even if it is harsh. Under the conditions of use, MTBF will not be lower than the specified value, then the level of the reliability test verification value can not be lower than this value, and the reliability test results fully reflect the use of the equipment on site, with this Based on the test results, the on-site use of the equipment is arranged to perform the task safely and smoothly.


In this case, the test conditions must be tested under the harsh conditions specified in the equipment specifications. Otherwise, the test conditions are relaxed. Although the MTBF value verified by the reliability test satisfies the requirements of a certain value, this value is not safe for the field use reliability of the equipment under severe conditions.


Of course, as a military equipment, the strict requirements of the standard are understandable. However, it should be noted that the reliability test is the general principle of the test to simulate the use of the site, and the next section "General requirements for selecting test conditions", according to the natural environmental conditions of our country and the specific conditions of the use of equipment in China, generally speaking Some kind of equipment, even if it is military, will not be the environmental condition when working from the factory. (40~55) <t The temperature is (-25--55 low temperature, or vibration or hot flash.


In general equipment, I am afraid that the proportion of time in the normal temperature condition of (15~35)t is relatively large. The test results of tests conducted under severe conditions are inferior to the reliability of on-site use reliability, and the results of this test lack guidance for arranging some management problems (such as the number of supporting equipment, maintenance strength, etc.) used on the site. It is worth studying and discussing.


HuHumidity freezing test chamber maintenance:
1. The voltage at the working site of the equipment is unstable, resulting in excessive or too small current. Working under these conditions will cause damage to the compressor.
2. Excessive dust on the working place of the equipment should keep the surface of the compressor clean. When the equipment is not used for a long time, the equipment should be placed in a dust-free space.
3. The compressor is started frequently during the test, and the interval between compressor starts is 15 minutes.
4. Instrument use environment:
Ambient temperature: 5 ° C ~ +28 ° C (average temperature within 24 hours ≤ 28 ° C).
Ambient humidity: ≤85% RH.

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