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High and low temperature damp heat test box structure and system

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The high and low temperature damp heat test chamber is a test of various raw materials with high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance and dry resistance. Appropriate use of electronic components, household appliances, communications, instrument panels, cars, plastic products, metal materials, food, organic chemistry, decorative building materials, medical treatment, aerospace and other handicraft inspection quality. Below we will discuss the construction and system software of the high and low temperature damp heat test chamber.

 system software

1. Power distribution equipment system software

All household appliances and cables are equipped with well-known brands such as Japan, China, Shihlin, Japan, Omron, France and other famous brands.

Ultra-low temperature refrigeration unit

The refrigeration compressor of the Dutch Taikang is selected as the key component of refrigeration, and the DuPont refrigerant of the United Kingdom, coupled with the environmental protection of the DuPont refrigerant, plus the air conditioning copper pipe and relays, etc., are equipped with technical professional refrigeration technicians to create a powerful and rapid-grade ultra-low temperature. The refrigeration unit does not have all the usual problems of temperature reduction.

3, high temperature heating system software

It is a nickel-chromium alloy heating wire electric heater. The operation method is: single-pulse widening with no contact and other cycle time, SSR (intermediate relay). The heating time is fast, the precision is good, the undulation is small, and the national and national standards are considered.

4, operating the computer operating system

BTC balanced temperature control method + DCC intelligent cooling capacity control + DEC intelligent electric control system, Chinese and English function table (optional), touch screen display method, program flow operation, with battery maintenance RAM, can be stored The preset value, sampling value and sampling time of the high and low temperature damp heat test chamber; the recording time is 180 days (when the sampling cycle time is 60S).

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