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What are the specific technical requirements for the Full mask testing machine?

Author: Source: Posted On: 2019/9/17 11:52:29

Full mask testing machine features and advantages:
German imported, fully sealed, two-channel breathing mask with independent intake and exhaust;
The mask lens is used to enhance the hard surface of the carbonic acid surface, and has good light transmission performance, mechanical properties and surface abrasion resistance;
The mask has a wide field of view, and the non-equal cross-sectional design of the mask lens prevents the field of view from being deformed at any angle;
Multiple parts of the mask are detachable, easy to clean, maintain and maintain;

Full mask testing machine use:
This equipment is mainly used to test the dust protection performance of eye protectors.
Applicable standards: GB 14866-2006, EN168


Function and configuration:
Function: Eye protection dust protection performance is tested.
Configuration: dusting system, photoelectric reflectometer, standard head mold, air compressor, supporting dust 10kg and dust collection device.
1. Equipped with electric heating tube heating device, the main heater power is 4000W, the auxiliary heater power is 2000W, and it is adjusted by 2 PID temperature controllers;
2. Stainless steel reflector for enhancing the heat radiation performance applied to the mask;
3, metal head mold device, can wear a mask, and can breathe freely;
4, the metal head mold sliding track, can move its horizontal position, adjust the distance of the mask to the radiation source;
5. Equipped with a water-cooled heat flow meter device for measuring the heat radiation flux at a standard distance;
6, equipped with artificial lung breathing device, breathing is a sinusoidal output mode, real simulation of human breathing;
7, PLC control mode, breathing frequency and breathing volume can be set freely;
8. The micro differential pressure sensor device automatically detects the failure during the mask test.


skills requirement:
1. The size of the dust cabinet is about 560mm × 560mm × 560mm, sealed funnel-shaped bottom;
2. Air compressor: the air volume is about 2.8m3/min, the pressure is about 2255.5Pa, and the air compressor airflow becomes whirl;
3. Dust: coal powder, particle size: 250μm (pass rate greater than: 95%), 125μm (pass rate greater than: 85%), 90μm (pass rate is greater than:40%)
4. Photoelectric reflectometer: consists of a sensor, a mercury lamp, a lens and an interference plate.
5. Standard configuration: standard head mode.


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