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ProductTitle: UV preconditioning Testing machine
ProductModel: HTPV-15
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Characteristic: UV preconditioning Testing machine;UV preconditioning test;Solar pv test equipment;PV Module testing Machine;PV test equipment;UV preconditioning Testing machine Standard:According to IEC61215, IEC61646 standard requirement;High-low temperature test chamber


Name:UV preconditioning Testing machine

Standard:According to IEC61215, IEC61646 standard requirement


Purpose:to precondition the module with ultra-violet (UV) radiation before the thermal cycle/humidity freeze tests to identify those materials and adhesive bonds that are susceptible to UV degradation


Technical specifications:

1.Use material:can completely obstruct ultraviolet rays,tightness,good thermal insulation’s high quality materials
2.Machine UV total irradiation area:more than 2000mm×2000mm,meanwhile satisfy 2 pcs module (2m×1m)
3.Light source life :system use Xenon lamp single lamp life is 1000 hours , delivery offer one set of spare part, use the life at above 2000 hours
4.Single lamp UVA and UVB relative energy rate:UVB approx occupy total energy 3%~10%
5.Irradiation strength:wavelength 280nm~385nm’s irradiation strength can reach about 100W/m²,280nm~320nm ≦10%,promise the test cycle reduce as far as possible
6.Irradiance uniformity:be better than ±15%
7.Real-time monitor and show UVA and UVB strength
8.UVA (320nm~385nm), UVB(280~320nm) Each one of the fiber optic probes
9.Module surface temperature:60℃±5℃
10.Temperature resolution:0.1℃
11.Ozone: almost no ozone is produced
12.Light ways :upper light, module test plane vertical light source
13.Touch screen operate and real-time monitor , when reached the set value will automatic cut off the light source
14.Real-time figure show module surface temperature, measurement accurate±0.1℃

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