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ProductTitle: Monocrystalline Silicon Polycrystalline Silicon pv module light attenuation testing machine
ProductModel: HTPV-18A
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Characteristic: Monocrystalline Silicon Polycrystalline Silicon pv module light attenuation testing machine

Model: HTPV-18A
Name: Photovoltaic module light decay test machine
Uses: The equipment provides a light source close to natural light under a certain area. The light source grade is CCC grade. It is mainly used for aging test of large-area photovoltaic modules. It can test multiple components at the same time to meet the experiment specified in the new IEC 61215-2 MQT19. Test Conditions.
According to the standard: IEC 61215-2016, IEC 61730-2016
1, equipment cabinet
1.1.1 Equipment box: The outer box is made of stainless steel or cold-rolled steel plate for spraying and painting. It completely blocks sunlight, keeps heat, and supports the whole box without deformation for long-term use.
1.1.2 Sample rack: 40mm × 40mm aluminum profile, open structure is conducive to cold air circulation, rapid cooling of the component back
1.1.3 Inside the cabinet: SUS#304 heat-resistant and cold-resistant stainless steel, fitted with total reflection reflector, two layers, light source layer and test layer, the test layer has a space height of about 1800mm
     1.1.4 Test layer temperature control: compressor (BITZER) refrigeration, automatic constant temperature system
2, light source: imported metal halogen lamp, the core components of this equipment, but also consumables. (Can also use domestic light source according to customer needs)
3, power supply:
Power type: imported EPS power supply
Power characteristics: electronic square wave current power supply, no stroboscopic
Software control: control panel of independent industrial control touch screen and micro-computer touch screen interface control
Modulation function: radiation intensity adjustment, parameter display, lamp status, temperature over temperature display
Modulation range: the lamp group and single lamp can be automatically adjusted by software within 60-100% of power
4. System components:
Irradiance sensor
Light source suspension system
Data acquisition and processing system
cooling system
5, system features:
   System protection function: current overload protection, temperature overload protection, leakage protection.
   Power-off memory function: Resume power-on after power-off and continue testing.
   Multi-language function: The system supports Chinese simplified and English interface switching to meet the needs of domestic and foreign customers.
   Usage requirements.
   Equipment normal operation process protection setting function
   Fault alarm error code display and suggested countermeasures
   Operating environment: standard laboratory environment, temperature 25 ± 2 ° C, humidity 60%
   Equipment power supply: 380V 50Hz

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