HT-6013 Helmet Surface Friction Testing Machine

Helmet protruding area and surface friction testing equipment Purpose: Helmet surface friction testing machine is to press the helmet on a movable fixture with a certain force. The speed passes through the surface of the sandpaper to judge the anti-friction performance of the helmet.

Applicable standards for helmet protruding areas and surface friction test equipment: ECE R22.05 standard requirements.

Helmet convex area and surface friction test equipment technical parameters:
1. This machine can carry out convex area and surface friction test
2. Impact weight: 15kg
3. Free fall height: 500mm
4. Weight of load machine: 400N (40.8kg)
5. The release mechanism is controlled by an electromagnet
6. Sandpaper or shearing blocks can be installed on the horizontal guide frame to rub against the shearing surface of the helmet in a straight line
7. The installation of the head type can be adjusted
8. Touch screen control