Goggle visible light transmittance tester

Purpose: Mainly used for transmittance and haze testing according to GB811 2022 testing standards

Technical specifications:

C light source: mixed white LED (no need to replace)

Light source accuracy: 0.1%

Dual light source: testing and compensating for 2 sets of light sources

Spot diameter: Φ 14mm

Integral sphere diameter: Φ 150mm

Integral ball material: PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene)

Sample shape and size: 30 * 30mm~210 * 297mm

Instrument placement: Vertical or horizontal placement can be selected based on the sample

TT repetition accuracy ≤ 0.03%

Connection method: USB

Software system: Windows7/8/10

Foot control: optional

Working temperature and humidity: 15-40 ℃, humidity below 80%

Voltage and power: AC220V, 20VA (standby state 10VA)

External dimensions: 344 (W) * 294 (D) * 474 (H) vertical device

Software features: