Helmet tracing testing machine

Applicable standards: According to the requirements of the draft GB 811 standard


Scope of application:

1. Used to draw test points and test lines on the helmet

2. Draw lines for different test standards

3. Used to define the upper and lower visual fields and left and right visual fields of the helmet during research and development

Technical parameters: GB 811 standard

1. Upper field of view: 7 º

2. Lower field of view: 45 º

3. Left and right visual field: 105 º


1. Using an infrared transmitter

2. Use aluminum alloy bracket (adjustable type)

3. Infrared bracket angle adjustable

4. The machine and all accessories are made of aluminum alloy

Host performance characteristics:

1. There are adjustable handles on the work arm that can easily adjust the position to suit different test standards.

2. The fixed point tracking indicator is infrared controlled and can be moved on the device to easily locate the base plane and reference plane.

3. The head type support adopts steel galvanized surface treatment, and has a limit device every 45 °, which can easily rotate the head type in any direction to adapt to different test points and standards