Goggle impact strength performance testing machine

Test standard: meet the requirements of GB 811 2022 test standard

Purpose: It is used to make a certain weight of sharp objects fall from the height specified in the standard,

Acting on the surface of the helmet or goggles to determine the ability of the helmet or goggles to resist penetration by sharp objects

Main technical specifications:

1. Puncture height: Class A 3000mm ± 5mm, Class B 1000mm ± 5mm

2. Goggle puncture test

Weight of puncture cone: 0.3kg ± 10g

Puncture cone angle: 60 ° ± 1

Cone tip radius: 0.5mm ± 1mm

Weight of impact hammer: 3kg ± 15g

Impact height: 1m ± 0.005m