Helmet hardness testing machine

Applicable standards: Comply with the requirements of the latest GB 811 2022 standard

Purpose: Used to test the strength of helmets and measure the deformation of helmets after applying a certain force

Main technical parameters

1. Initial load 30N, hold for 2 minutes,

2. Increase the load to 100N at a rate of 20mm per minute and hold for 2 minutes

3. This step should be repeated until the load is applied to 630N and held for 2 minutes

4. Reduce the load to 30N at a speed of 20mm per minute and measure the distance between two parallel plates

5. Pay attention to the use of two different helmets for longitudinal and transverse axis testing

6. Touch screen control

Judgment criteria:

After stiffness measurement, A1 type, A2 type, B1 type, and B2 type helmets should meet the following requirements:

1. Under a force of 630N, the difference between the deformation along the test axis and the initial load of 30N is not more than 40mm;

2.When the unloading recovery load is 30N, the difference between the measured deformation and the initial load of 30N is not more than 15mm