HTPV-08 mechanical load testing machine

Purpose of mechanical load testing machine: To verify and determine the ability of components to withstand static and dynamic loads such as wind, snow, or icing under different installation angles. It is widely used in testing the compressive strength test of photovoltaic modules, using dynamic pressure holding technology, and simulating load test to understand the compressive capacity of the product under load.

Applicable standards for mechanical load testing machine: IEC 61215, UL1703, IEC 61646, IEC 62782 standard requirements

Technical specifications of mechanical load testing machine:
1. Appearance size of the machine (approximately): L 280 × D 180 × H 195 cm
2. Test positive load 5400 Pa, reverse load 2400 Pa (pressure can be set)
3. Number of cycles: free setting
4. Dynamic load test frequency: 7s±3s
5. Dynamic load: 1000Pa, 1000 times
6. Pressure control accuracy: 5%
7. Pneumatic and force value feedback method: low friction cylinder, pull pressure sensor (accuracy 0.1N)
8. The aluminum profile structure, the platform and the bracket will not deform under the test force (the surface of the aluminum profile is treated with electrophoresis to ensure that it does not change color)
9. Maximum test size: 2000mm×1000mm (can be customized according to customer requirements)
10. Customized test platform fixtures can be adjusted according to the installation method of the object to be tested
11. Current continuity system: DC power supply, DC 150V/2A, real-time monitoring of component internal current continuity
12. Number of cylinders: 8 in 4 groups
Single group maximum output > 200 kg
Telescopic travel: 150 mm
13. The number of suction cups is 8 groups, a total of 32
Suction cup diameter: 120 mm
Suction cup (and cylinder) spacing horizontal and vertical ≤ 200mm
The suction cup and the upper connection joint can rotate at an angle of ≥15°
14. The control system is mature and humanized
a. Dongguan Hongtu Instrument Co., Ltd. independently researches and develops the upper computer control software, which is easy to operate and humanized;
b. Each version of the software is accompanied by a unique version number, which is easy to identify and upgrade
c. The software has the function of switching between simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese and English
d. It has the functions of real-time display of pressure, deformation, test time, cycle times, current continuity, etc.
e. Input the target pressure value, after running the test, the device can automatically adjust the pressure until the target pressure value is stable
f. After checking the data storage, the real-time test data will be stored in real time
g. Enter the password in the calibration window to enter the calibration background, quickly calibrate the machine and modify parameter settings
h. Real-time drawing and real-time display of pressure and deformation values
i. Display the force value of each cylinder in real time and draw the force value curve in real time
j. Enter the historical data query interface and enter the sample batch number to search, then the historical data report of this batch number can be called out and printed at any time
k. The report supports the output of Word, Excel, PDF, JPG and other formats to meet the diverse needs of customers.
l. The software has a fault warning function. When any of the above situations occurs in the device, the software will pop up a prompt window and the device will send out an alarm to prompt the operator to take corresponding measures.
15. Test curve