Mechanical Load Tester

标准:根据IEC 61215、UL 1703、IEC 62782标准要求

Purpose:This test is to determine the ability of the module to withstand wind,snow,static or ice loadsat different installation angles The ability of the charge.It is widely used to test the compressive strngth test of pv modules and adopt dynamic holding trchnique of simulation load test to understand the comperessive power of  the product under load.

Technical specifications:

1.The machine table appearance dimension:L 208*D180*H195cm

2.Test positive load 5400Pa,reverse load:2400Pa(Pressure can setting)

3.Cycle times:free setting

4.Dynamic load test frequency:7s±3s

5.Dynamic load:1000Pa,1000tims

6.Pressure control accurate:5%

7.Pneumatic and force value feedback ways:low friction force cylinder,tensile pressure sensor(accurate 0.1N)

8.Aluminum profile structure,platform and support frame under the suffer force situation,its not deformation(aluminum profile surface use electrophoresis to ensure no discoloration)

9.The maximum test dimension:2000mm*1000mm(can according to customer’s requirement to customized)

10.Customization test platform fixture,according to determinand install ways to do the adjust

11.Current continuity system:DC power,DC 120V/20A,real-time monitor module inner current continuity output>200kg Telescopic stroke:150mm

13.Sucker:8 groups,in total 32 pieces.Sucker diameter:120mm.Sucker(with cylinder)space horizontal and vertical≤200mm sucker with upper connection connection joint can rotation angle≤15°

14.Operate system maturity and humanization

⑴Computer control software research and development by HOTOTECH,easy operate and humanization

⑵Every version software all equipped with unique version number,easy to ldentification and upgrade

⑶Software with Chinese and English language,can change each other

⑷With real-time show pressure,deformation,test time,cycle times,current continuity etc function

⑸Input target pressure value,test running after,the machine can automatic adjustable pressureto target pressure value stability

⑹Selected data save after,real-time test data and save

⑺At the calibration window input the password and enter into the calibration backstage,fastcalibration machine and modify parameter set

⑻Real-time draw real-time show pressure and deformation value

⑼Real-time show every cylinder force value and draw force value curve

⑽Enter into the history information and inquiry interface then input sample number research can inquiry this number history data report and print out

⑾Report support output World,Excel,PDF,JPG etc format

⑿Software with fault warning function ,when machine happen above any situation after,software will popup prompt window,machine will warning and prompt operator do the relative treatment