HTPV-09 Hail impact testing machine

Hail Impact Tester Purpose: To verify the ability of components to resist hail impact. Artificial ice balls are used to simulate hail and impact components at a constant speed to simulate the impact of hail weather on components.

Applicable standards for hail impact testing machine: IEC 61215, IEC 61646, UL 1703 standard requirements

Technical specifications of hail impact testing machine:
1. Launching device
a. The power source is compressed air from an air compressor
b. Air pressure: 6~8bar
c. The hockey puck is loaded manually with a single shot
d. The barrel length is about 940mm
e. The barrel can be replaced
2. Mobile positioning device
a. The X-axis moving distance is about 2100mm
b. The moving distance of Y axis is about 1000mm
c. Positioning accuracy ≤ 1mm
d. Impact area 2000×1000mm
e. The guiding method is high-quality imported guide rail
f. The driving method adopts imported servo motor + synchronous wheel
j. The positioning control method is automatic positioning controlled by the upper computer
3. Speed measurement system and principle
a. Calculate the flying speed of the ice ball by measuring the time t when the ice ball passes through the infrared speed measuring sensor and grasping the time t when the infrared light is blocked, according to V=S/t
b. The speedometer adopts high-precision infrared speed sensor
c. Infrared speed sensor accuracy ±5%
d. Speed grabbing range 0~50 m/s
e. Hockey puck speed: 25 mm diameter ice puck speed 23.0m/s ±5%
35 mm diameter ice ball speed 27.2m/s ±5%
The speed of ice puck with diameter 45 mm is 30.7m/s ±5%

4. Ice hockey preparation method and mold
a. Fill the ice hockey mold with water and put it in the freezer of the refrigerator. After the water cools and freezes, separate the mold and take out the ice hockey, and put it in the ice hockey storage box to refrigerate for later use.
b. The mold is made of special material that is not easy to expand and deform
c. Inner lumen diameter 25mm<1%; 35mm<1%; 45mm<1%
d. One mold has 6 ice hockey balls; one specification has at least 2 sets of molds
e. The mold inner cavity processing technology adopts high-precision CNC machine tool processing
f. Ice ball diameter 25mm<5%; 35mm<5%; 45mm<5%
g. Ice hockey weight 7.53g<5%; 20.7g<5%; 43.9g<5%
h. Refrigerator -10°C