UV preconditioning test

UV Preconditioning Testing Chamber outer appearance display

Testing Standard

It’s conform IEC61215 & IEC61730 testing standard requirement


It’s to precondition the pv module with ultra-violet (UV) radiation before the thermal cycle/humidity freeze tests to

identify those materials and adhesive bonds that are susceptible to UV degradation

Product Advantage

  1. Lamp source and lamp brand: Germany OSRAM, this is important and Core parts and from the

best supplier OSRAM in the Globe market, The life is longer than fluorescent lamp,High light efficiency and

reliable performance, It can greatly shorten the test time and improve the work efficiency.

  1. Use lamp source small quantity, can save the costs , Irradiance area 2500mm×1500mm, just need 6 sets

lamp, Testing sample quantity 1 PCS

  1. The lamp have long time life, the time about 3000 hours, warranty 1000 hours, Low cost of


  1. Warranty time : 1 year, at the same time we will offer the forever technical support for the customer

The Mainly Feature

  1. The chamber material: completely isolated ultraviolet rays, tightness,high quality material with

Good Thermal Insulation, environmental protection, easy to process and install

  1. Double door design , inner chamber with 2 layer, the upper layer is hang light source system and

heat dissipation system, the down layer is testing sample placed platform

  1. Light source transverse hoisting, pv module testing surface vertical with lamp source, Scientific

design maximizes the use of light source efficiency and intensity, and specially customized reflector lampshade

maximizes uniformity.

  1. The Professional UVA, UVB optical fiber probe makes data acquisition more accurate
  2. Industrial touch screen operate and real-time monitor display UVA, UVB , when arrived the set

value ,it’s will automatic stop

  1. Wind cooling temperature control system, temperature sensor accurate control testing sample

surface temperature during the testing procedure, and display figures on the touch screen , promise the testing

temperature stable at 60℃±5℃

  1. Industrial Touch Screen + PLC Programmable Controller for Automatic Control of Temperature,

Irradiation, Irradiation Quantity and Test Time

  1. The machine with save testing result, temperature, irradiance curve function, and export to the report

The Mainly Specifications

  1. Irradiance area:2500mm×1500mm, can testing 1 PCS pv module
  2. The light source brand: OSRAM
  3. Light source quantity: 6 sets
  4. Light Source life time about: 3000 hours
  5. UVA wavelength: 320nm~400nm)、UVB(280nm~320nm)
  1. The Single lamp UVA and UVA relative energy rate: UVA occupy total energy about 3%~10%
  2. Irradiance strength: the wavelength at 280nm~400nm, the irradiance strength about is150W/m²~250W/m²
  3. Irradiance uniformity: better than ±15
  4. PV Module surface temperature:60℃±5℃
  5. Temperature resolution:0.1℃
  6. Ozone: almost no ozone is produced
  7. Light ways : upper
  8. Electricity:380V 50HZ
  9. Weight: about 1.2

Irradiance and Irradiance quantity explanation

Perform IEC61215-2:2016, Light source distribution 280nm~320nm occupy above 3~10% of

280~385nm Irradiance strength

Safety Function

Safety protection alarm device, when the chamber inner temperature arrived the protection value after, the

machine will automatic close the power, start running wind cooling system with the alarm voice