Computer system helmet impact testing machine(Double track)

  1. Data collection system:

a.Acceleration sensor: single channel, three channels

  1. Frequency response range: 0Hz~1000Hz, frequency band cutoff point: – 3dB, attenuation slope: – 9 dB/oct~- 24 dB/oct;

★ c. Automatically calculate the acceleration action time t1, t2, and automatically evaluate Pass or Fail. You can customize and add evaluation criteria and conditions based on user needs, and automatically evaluate the action time of acceleration at 150g and 200g,

d.The sampling frequency of the system shall not be less than 8 kHz, and it shall be able to withstand an impact acceleration of not less than 2000 g;

e.Automatically display the maximum acceleration value; Real-time display of impact height and speed

  1. Impact speed: A1, A2: 6.0m/s, 5.2m/s; A3:6.0m/s; B1、B2、B3:5.6 m/s; GB24429:6.2m/s、4.8m/s
  2. Total weight of fall

Extra small head type: 3.1 ± 0.1kg

Small head type: 4.1 ± 0.12kg

Medium head type: 4.7 ± 0.14kg

Large head type: 5.6 ± 0.16kg

Extra large head size: 6.1 ± 0.18kg

  1. Impact anvil

Flat anvil: diameter 127mm, thickness 15mm,

Hemispherical anvil: spherical radius 48mm ± 1mm,

Triangular anvil: length: 125~127mm; Height: 50~52mm;

Top R angle: 15 ± 0.5mm; Slope angle: 105 ± 0.5 °


Test software functionality

★ 1. Real-time plotting of test curves

  1. The software has the function of switching between simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, and English languages
  2. The software supports data storage, historical data query, data export/printing, etc
  3. Reports can be saved in Word, Excel, PDF, JPG, and other formats
  4. Equipped with a set of dedicated computers

The instrument is suitable for helmet collision absorption performance experiments, and is a testing instrument for evaluating the impact resistance and penetration resistance of helmets. This machine adopts a host computer control system independently developed by HOTOTECH, which automatically lifts the fixture to a predetermined height, and displays the height, acceleration Peak value, test curve, impact curve, impact speed, action time, impact energy, etc. in real-time on the operating interface